The Art-Linx Artists: Database Profile


At Art-Linx, we believe that the characteristics of the artists we reach are equally as important as the size of our list.  Thus, for the last seven years, we have conducted in-depth surveys that allow us to profile our database, giving festivals a deeper knowledge of who receives the Calls to Artists and related marketing communications tools we provide.


Here’s a synopsis of our current database profile.  We will be happy to discuss elements of the profile in more detail at any time; simply call or email us with any questions you may have.




Gender: Women 56%, Men 43%


Age:  21-34      4%,

          35-49    12%

          50-64    45%

          65+        38%



Art Education:  55% self-taught

                          39% art degree


Family: Most artists live with a spouse or partner; just over 30% have children living at home. 

Artist Home Base:   13%  Mid-Atlantic

                                  23%  Midwest

                                    6%  Mountain States

                                   12% Northeast

                                   24% Southeast

                                     9% Southwest

                                   14% West Coast




Occupational Descriptors: Creating art is the primary occupation of 75% of our artist base. For another 15% art is a secondary occupation.  Under 5% consider it a hobby.


Business Organization: Two-thirds of the artists run their businesses as sole proprietorships; the remainder are either corporations or partnerships.




Geographic Region:  More than two thirds of our artists exhibit in Northeast, Southeast and Midwestern shows indicating a willingness to travel.  This diversity—and a significant overlap in show locations—demonstrates the broad reach of our Call to Artists and related programs.


Show Distance: Few artists are content to exhibit only in shows near their home bases, preferring to travel to festivals they believe will return acceptable sales.   The average distance traveled is:

19% - 100 miles 

45% - 100 - 500 miles 

27% -  500 - 1,000 miles

   8% -  Over 1,000 miles

Travel Preferences: Our artists travel in their own vehicles and above 90% stay in hotels and motels.  Parking, hotel cost, and proximity to a festival grounds, remains an important consideration for artists.  A few artists, less than 5%, travel in RVs. 




History: Our artists, for the greater part, are very experienced in art festival participation. 70% have exhibited for more than ten years and 50% have shown for over twenty years.  At the same time, artists newer to the industry receive our Calls to Artists; 10% have been in the business for under five years. 


Pricing: Artists vary greatly in the prices they ask for their work and our database reflects this.  That said, pricing of art has not reached pre-recession levels: two thirds of our artists sell their (average) work for under $1,000, with only 18% placing average price tags of more than $1,000 on their artwork.  Again, this mirrors spending by the art show audience in the post-recession era.


This profile of the Art-Linx database forms a general picture of the artists with whom we communicate.  More detailed, in-depth information, is available on request.  Please email your questions to:, or call us at 202-251-0637.