Artist New Year's Resolutions

New Years Resolutions for a Fabulous 2018 Happy New Year! Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and creative 2018! Speaking of having a prosperous year, I think a few Artist Resolutions may be in order-items in your art show exhibition business. The goal: increase sales, reduce costs and, overall, expand your business by doing what you do as well as possible. First New Year's Artist's resolution: Organize Your Finances. Know how much is coming in (easy task) and how much is going out (the hard part). Your financial records should guide all of your business decisions, such as when to hire staff, expand inventory, or invest in equipment. But your decisions will only be as good as the information

Pinterest - Are You Missing a Market?

Use Pinterest to get your work viewed by more potential buyers From time to time, Art-Linx's gets a really great guest to discuss topics of import to our community. I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity have Lainey Nicholson, our resident Pinterest expert discuss how Pinterest can help you. We all understand that a huge part of getting online sales depends on buyers finding your work. Pinterest presents you with a wide-open opportunity to reach millions of users, and a new way to view your art images (known as pins). When you add images of your art to Pinterest, you take your art outside of your website, or any online gallery, to where Pinterest users and potential buyers may find it

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