Stories from the Road - Joseph Craig English: Presentation is Key to Early Sucess

This month, I had the pleasure of getting a few minutes with award winning artist, Joseph Craig English. Craig is a serigraph artist, who has been creating masterpieces typically inspired from the culture and beauty of the D.C. area for 46 years. I asked Craig what advise he would give to a young artist today, he replied without hesitation, “That’s really easy, the best advise is to always be observant and see how other professionals present their work. Try to incorporate the things that you see that are applicable in your own work. When you first start, you might have it together with your work, but your presentation won’t be professional. So, you need to see how to best present your work.

Stories from the Road: Advice to my Younger Self: Alison Thomas

Alison Thomas is an artist based in Virginia, who successfully blends photography and digital art into gorgeous panoramas. While the photos are of specific places, the digital manipulation transforms the exact scene into the “vision of the essence of a scene”. She was born with a bond to to the outdoors and always sought the beauty in nature. Alison wasn’t a kid who took pictures all the time but started when she accidentally packed her sister’s camera when she moved to New Hampshire in her early 20’s. I had the pleasure of talking to this gifted artist at the Frederick Festival of the Arts this past weekend. When I asked what advice she would give to her younger artist self today, Alison’s

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