The Night Before the Festival: Mother Nature vs Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Art-Linx has a new blog series - Behind the Scenes. This series is about the texture of an art show - what happens before, during or after a show that is part of the show management experience, We start off this series with the Cherry Creek Arts Festival. The banners were hung on the streets with care, in hopes that the artists soon would be there for the 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival. A few days prior to the show, mother nature decided to have an exhibition of her own. Our fearless leader was going home for the night, when she texted a photo of rain pouring down and flooding the streets. Moments later our Director of Marketing cried out “It’s Flooding!” As waves were crashing down the w


In the September Art Festival Newsletter, I discussed why the words you use matter in making a sale. The next step to having a successful business selling your art is creating the organization that supports follow up with those clients that 1) may have walked away and 2) existing clients that may not have made it to the show. Over the years, as an artist myself, I learned how much time and energy it can take for someone to commit to acquiring your artwork. I know that every artist's experience in selling their work will be different. As you create your unique selling experience to different collectors and new customers, remember to be flexible, be yourself and try to have some fun in the pro

Art and Home Decor Trends for 2019

To create this list I have researched the trends discussed in home design, fashion and art. Wishing everyone a year filled with creativity and inspiration. 1. Fringing is the retro look that's back with a bang.The 2018 fall fashion shows were awash with fabulous tassel designs. This trend has extended to home goods and wall art. 2. Wabi Sabi - rustic natural imperfection. 2019 turns its attention to the Japanese philosophy, Wabi Sabi. The philosophy celebrates the beauty of imperfections in natural materials like wood, paper and metal. Ceramics, asymmetrical florals and textures that imitate natural materials in hand-crafted frames. 3. Curves and Waves. Curved or wavy design with ocean-insp

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