$102,000 for Art Students from the Affordable Arts Festival

The Affordable Arts Festival (Littleton, CO), began with the idea of supporting current and future artists. Eight years ago, Jim DeLutes, Director and promoter of the Festival, partnered with the Arapahoe Community College Foundation to create a new opportunity for the arts community. A one day, juried, art festival where all the art is priced $100 or less. The net proceeds from the festival admission fee go to the ACC Foundation scholarship fund, including scholarships for art students. Over the last seven years, the Festival has raised over $100,000 for the Foundation. Personal scholarship support does more than pay some bills. It also instills a greater sense of belonging – and motives b

Lessons from the Masters

If anyone can teach us how to prepare to be an artist, it would be the icons of art history. Aside from the art of perseverance, what can the greatest artists of all time teach us? This is a short list of my impressions. 1. Never Stop Making Art. Artists teach us to put ourselves on the line. Consider that Picasso, Monet, El Greco and Gaughin, among countless other artists, endured scathing criticism during their lifetimes. The very moment you create something, you open yourself up to critique. Whether you ask for it or not, art criticism can be a hard pill to swallow. Be Brave - Make Art. 2. Ignore Trends - Be Yourself. Create you own art by ignoring artistic trends and the fetters of socie

No Longer Lost in Space - We Have Found a New Home

The SPACE COAST ART FESTIVAL® is moving to a new location - once again! Space Coast Daily Park, the new venue, is located in Viera, Florida, just north of Melbourne. Viera is a well-established vibrant upscale master planned community built from the ground up. We feel that this new location will provide a high end clientele for our artists in a venue that is becoming the outdoor Event Center of Brevard County. The Park is just off I-95 near the new Viera Boulevard exit and is easy to reach from all of central Florida. The journey to this new location has been rocky. After 50 years holding an annual art show in downtown Cocoa Beach, SCAF received letter from the City of Cocoa Beach, signed by

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