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The Night Before the Festival: Mother Nature vs Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Art-Linx has a new blog series - Behind the Scenes. This series is about the texture of an art show - what happens before, during or after a show that is part of the show management experience, We start off this series with the Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

The banners were hung on the streets with care, in hopes that the artists soon would be there for the 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival. A few days prior to the show, mother nature decided to have an exhibition of her own. Our fearless leader was going home for the night, when she texted a photo of rain pouring down and flooding the streets. Moments later our Director of Marketing cried out “It’s Flooding!” As waves were crashing down the walls and hallway we jumped up to move artist packets to higher ground as quickly as we could! Looking back, we’re very lucky that the staff was working so late, otherwise the damages sustained would be far greater. Mother Nature flooded prior to the show and not during, which was in our favor and truth be told, no one really knew what a soggy mess the festival week started out with. CherryArts has learned its lesson, important papers are never put on the floor, banners are placed on shelves and artist packets are placed in plastic bins. We look forward to seeing you this July in Colorado with perfect weather!

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