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Artist Ambassadors at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

Duane Funk and Lori Hartman/ Artist Ambassadors

Our artist ambassadors are on the scene of the Sidewalk Sale from its opening at 10am on Thursday till close on Sunday at 4:00pm. They’re there to answer questions, booth sit, offer restaurant advice, pass out newsletters, and even commiserate about parking. Our ambassadors come from many walks of life. They’ve included the wife of a Penn State president, a judge, Mormon missionaries, professors, retirees, international students, and even employees of a local software firm working on the company dime.

Our volunteer chairs, Duane Funk and Lori Hartman, were the Festival’s volunteers of the year in 2013. They’re still working hard to make sure that artists learn from experience why our slice of Pennsylvania is called “Happy Valley”.

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