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Stories from the Road-Beebop & Wally: “Get your dress before the Gorilla does”

Lisa Green and Ravi Marimuthu have been designing and creating fashion clothing from Soho NYC for over 15 years.

When you travel the road for a living, it’s important to keep yourself entertained especially on those long stretches of highway. They frequently travel interstate 80 and 95, where the scenery is stagnant, and are forced to create whimsical amusement out of thin air. This dynamic duo finds interesting spots to stop and spend a little time, brightening up otherwise dull trips.

To liven up their road experiences they take fun pictures wherever they can find the right setting. This vibrant dress is named "Gladys" after Lisa’s mom, and it is the star of a series they dubbed, “Travels with Gladys”. This picture reminded them of the famous King-Kong and Jane scene, captioned, “Get your dress before the Gorilla does”. Traveling between North and South Carolina they found this little place called, ‘South of the Border’ which they made fun even through most would consider it, “garish and tacky”. They used the setting to create a series of amusing photos.

Traveling can be the most difficult part of the job sometimes, where you don’t have the opportunity to create, or share, and is often quite lonely and burdensome. What I learned from these two is that a change in perspective can make a drastic difference, that every pitstop has the opportunity to break the monotony and create memories.

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