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A Directors View of the Booth Image

From a Show Director / Juror Point of View – Booth Image

This subject has been discussed in multiple forums but as a show director who has instructed 16 juries on the importance of the professional booth image and a juror /judge for a couple of shows last year I was dismayed by the discrepancies in booth images. Most of the professional artists that apply to the shows I run and the one's I juried are great - outdoor galleries whose work is clearly showcased well.

These 10 notes are geared to those artists that may be questioning their invitation results. Your booth shot helps to show the scale and impact of your work. It conveys how you present your art to the public, and gives insight into the variety of work in your display.

1. Most fine art shows use a blind jury system, so booth images with any identifiable sign, or photo of the artist themselves may be automatically disqualified.

2. Booth shots should match your current work - so don't reuse that old booth shot with artwork from an old collection. Any disconnect can be the reason that you are not invited to the show.

3. Don’t enter an outdoor festival with an indoor booth shot - it does matter!

4. You should have multiple booth shots for various situations. For example, don’t enter a booth shot with a browsing bin of prints if the festival doesn’t allow browsing bins.

5. Booth shot should not show the back of the booth open, should not show electrical wires, etc. - keep it neat.

6, The booth image may not be digitally created. It should be an accurate representation of the display you will bring to the Festival.

7. Show all 3 sides of your booth.

8. Keep your booth the focal point - grass, poles, other tents will draw focus away from your image.

9. Don’t have people in your booth shot, it needs to be just your art.

10. Your booth is the last image the jury sees and your chance to shine. It is often the tie breaker between artists with the same scores and the show directors guide to placement. Make it count.

The next blog will focus on how to photograph the perfect booth image yourself.

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