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$102,000 for Art Students from the Affordable Arts Festival

Jim DeLutes & Courtney Loehfelm ED of the ACC Foundation

The Affordable Arts Festival (Littleton, CO), began with the idea of supporting current and future artists. Eight years ago, Jim DeLutes, Director and promoter of the Festival, partnered with the Arapahoe Community College Foundation to create a new opportunity for the arts community. A one day, juried, art festival where all the art is priced $100 or less. The net proceeds from the festival admission fee go to the ACC Foundation scholarship fund, including scholarships for art students. Over the last seven years, the Festival has raised over $100,000 for the Foundation. Personal scholarship support does more than pay some bills. It also instills a greater sense of belonging – and motives both current and future artists to build a career in the arts.

Jim modeled the Affordable Arts Festival on a 44-year-old, very successful Milwaukee art show, also held at a college – allowing artists to sell existing inventory, new creations they want to try out and past items that may have originally been offered at a much higher price. Now in its 8th year and ranked #20 by Art Fair Sourcebook, this unique festival hosts over 160 artists and attracts thousands of patrons. The art buying excitement created by this festival is unlike any other arts festival. The Affordable Arts Festival will be held on August 25, 2019 on the beautiful campus of the Arapahoe Community College. For more information about the Festival or ACC Foundation please go to

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