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About The Art Festival Newsletter


The Art Festival Newsletter is one of the industry's most highly regarded publications. Focused on news, trends and information that will enhance your success at art festivals.


Each edition strives to bring you information that will help your art business - from trends in the industry, polls about what artists and show directors are thinking, concrete steps to improve your chances of getting accepted into the shows you are interested in.


Your subscription to the Art Festival Newsletter is free.



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Using ChatGPT for Social Media Marketing, Surviving Summer Shows and Avoiding Heat Related Illness, Save the Date - 2024 Art Festival Directors Conference

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Back Issues:

May 2023 EditionCan Art Created Using AI Be Copyrighted?, Social Media Verification - Will You Pay?, Art Pricing Strategy, Wanted - Emerging Artist Program Information


March 2023 EditionArtists as a Business Entitiy, Change your Jury Images, Artist Statement - Present Yourself to the Jury

January 2023 EditionWhat's In and Out 2023, IRS Form 1099-K: You Might Not Get One From Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App For 2022, New Year's Goals - Asking the Right Questions

November 2022 Edition: From the Directors Chair: The details of creating an art festival and what artists need to know before applying to the show

September 2022 Edition: The Color Inspiration Edition

July 2022 Edition: The Art Inspiration Edition


May 2022 Edition: Best Time for Social Media, A New Digital Platform for Collectors and Artists - NFT's, Spotlight on Great American Craft Fairs, Art Festival Directors Conference Extended Deadline

March 2022 Edition: Self Employed Tax Law Changes for 2021 Filing, What the Jury Sees, Artist Statements: What you Write Matters, Art Festival Directors Conference Date Change and Registration Information

January 2022 EditionART- What's In and What's Out 2022, Art Festival Directors Conference - Register Today, New Year - Choosing the Right Shows, Spotlight on Show - Stone Arch Bridge Festival and Art at Bayfront Park with Sara Collins

November 2021 Edition: 2022 Color of the Year, 5 Tips to Protect Your Social Media Accounts, Muscarelle Museum of Art Awards Prizes for its First-Ever Driveway Chalk Art Competition, Art Festival Directors Conference - Register Today

September 2021 Edition: Story Telling Marketing; Perfect What You Already Do, Art Material Scarcity, Art Festival Directors Conference - Save the Date


July 2021 Edition: Coping in a Post-Pandemic Art World: 6 Common Sense Ideas, In Person Does NOT Mean Off Line, Captial Art & Craft Festivals Spotlight, Muscarelle Museum Chalk Art Competition.


May 2021 Edition: Pricing your Art, The Interplay of Art & Technology, The Devil is in the Details.

March 2021 Edition: Insurance for your Art - Invest in Yourself, How do PPP Loans, EIDL Grants and PUA Affect your 2020 Taxes, Eight Tips for Licensing Your Art.


January 2021 Edition: 2nd Round of PPP Loans, 2021 Resolutions for Creativity, Art Trends In/Out List for 2021.

November 2020 Edition: PPP Loan Forgiveness Update, Color Trends 2021, How Much to Spend on Social Media Advertising


September 2020 Edition: PPP Loan Forgiveness Update, Tips for a Successful Virtual Art Festival, Pandemic Art

July 2020 Edition: Artist Survey Results, PPP Loan Forgiveness, Connection - Key to Art Sales, 500+ Art Hashtages, COVID-19 Map Risk Assessment


May 2020 Edition: Be SMART about Marketing your Art, PPP Loan Forgiveness, Focus & Creativity, Link to Global Film Festival

April 2020 Edition: COVID-19 Support for Artists - Over 70 Artist Resources, Unemployment and CARES, Metal Health, Some Good News

March 2020 Edition: Tips for Taxes; COVID-19; Spotlight on Waterford Fair; Celebrating Contemporary Female Artists

January 2020 Edition: 2020 Color Trends: Spotlight on Show - Crested Butte Arts Festival; Art Trends In/Out 2020 List; Finding Balance in 2020

November 2019 Edition: Protect your Art in the Digital Era; Festival Risk Management & Safety; What the Judge is Looking For.


September 2019 Edition: Can You Protect Your Art in the Digital Age? Copyright and Fair Use; Art Insurance - Invest in Yourself; Art Festival Directors Conference; Links to understanding Copyright and Fair Use for Artists.

July 2019 Edition: Foundations for Artistic Success; How to Photograph your 2D Art with a Digital Camera; Travel Edition Art Festival Bingo; Art Inspiration - Guides to the best Museums and Galleries in the US

May 2019 Edition: Lessons from the Masters; Lincoln Arts Festival; Studio Saftey and Disposal of Paint; Ceramic Artists Residencies and Grants for Women Artists

March 2019 Edition: Art & Color Trends; Art Festival Strategic Partnerships; An Occassion for the Arts (VA); Artist Grant Opportunities

January 2019 Edition: New Years Resolutions, 2019 In/Out Art Trends, Rockville Arts Festival, A Sad Goodbye

November 2018 Edition: Sales after the Show, 2019 Art Trends, Rose Squared Productions and the Jury Process from An Occasion for the Arts (VA).


September 2018 Edition: Words Matter - The Art of the Sale; Art Licensing; Bonita Springs National Art Festivals; One Chance to Make an Impression

July 2018 Edition: Key Differences Between Social Media Platforms; Sugarloaf Craft Festivals; Summer Safety; What Does the Judge Look For?

May 2018 Edition: Risk, Reward & Gambling; Harvest Festivals; Directors Chair - Devil is in the Details;10 New Blog Ideas

March 2018 Edition: Artist Statements: Capture Your Speaking Voice; CCM Events; Tax Planning for 2018 - What You Need to Know;10 New Blog Ideas

January 2018 Edition: New Year's Resolutions; Redwood Media Group; Pinterest - Are You Losing Sales?; 10 New Blog Ideas

November 2017 Edition: The 6th Art Festival Newsletter Survey Result; Four Essential Tips to be a More Successful Artist; Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival; 10 New Blog Ideas


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